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We take care of each bread that goes through our ovens, so we’ve created recipes for each taste: from the Variete and Plămădita range to the hypoglucidic bread or the integral bread, salt free.

Simple loaf of bread

Brown loaf of bread

Plamadita white bread

Plamadita brown bread

Plamadita whole wheat bread

Plamadita rustic bread

Whole grain bread

Variete potato bread

Variete onion bread

Variete onion bread

Bread from Ardeal

Rye flour and seeds bread

Hipoglucidic bread

Hipoglucidic pita


Graham bread

Multi cereal bun

Brown flour mini baguette

Whole grain baguette

Rye flour baguette

No salt bread

Whole grain, no salt bread

Potato bread