Pambac is the story of a successful Romanian business, proven over more than 50 years of existence, in which the company went through various stages of growth and transformation.

Since its incorporation in 1968, Pambac has chosen to offer people the joy of eating healthy and tasty products, and from then until now, it has kept its promise daily.

Our goal is to become a strong company, both nationally and at European level.

We must aim high so that our plans have the size of our aspirations, and the spirit of enthusiasm and dedication of our team is at the level necessary to achieve these goals.

With the help of a dedicated and professional team, people passionate about what they do, we maintain the Company’s high standards, and through planned and sustained investments, we are in a continuous development and transformation.
Pambac gives people the joy of healthy eating and the pleasure of simple and natural tastes every day.
We are a traditional Romanian company, which since 1968, has been manufacturing healthy and tasty cereal products.

Through our products we want to offer every day to every person, diversity, taste and joy.

Passion and responsibility inspire and characterize the daily activity of all people in the organization.

The courage and dynamism inspire the Pambac team, in the optimistic choice of the ways of change that lead to growth and performance.

Honesty and transparency towards consumers, collaborators and partners is our natural choice for all the communities in which we operate.
Founded in 1968, in Bacău, Pambac has become one of the most well-known names on the bakery and pasta milling market in Romania.

With a strong local tradition, we have kept alive the mastery of millers, adding in the production process modern and state-of-the-art equipment.

Everything for Romanians to enjoy healthy and tasty products.

On the platform from Mărgineni Bacău we developed one of the largest centers for processing grain and specific treatment of wheat flour in Romania. The wheat mill for grinding soft wheat and durum wheat is equipped with German Bühler technology and has a grinding capacity of 640t/day. Through a computerized system, it allows the realization of flour mixtures according to the requirements of our customers. The corn mill is also equipped with Bühler technology and has a grinding capacity of 100t / day.

Our secret lies in the careful selection of cereals, starting from the reception, continuing with storage in separate silos, depending on the quality parameters, controlled dosing and optimal preparation for grinding.

Flour grinding and sifting, processes performed automatically with the help of advanced technologies unique in Romania, result in the formation of different types of flour. Homogenization, control sifting, final operations that take place in special cells, lead to obtaining flours of controlled and constant quality. The parameters of the product, obtained as a result of the technological process, are guaranteed both during the storage period in Pambac facility and during the transport to the clients, through the strict control of the storage time and temperature, through the engineering of the storage space and means of transport.
We produce numerous assortments of long, medium and short pasta on fully computerized lines, using the latest technology - Bühler and Pavan brands - world leaders in the production of technological equipment.

Drying pasta at high temperature gives the product a superior quality that positively influences their boiling behaviour, colour and taste.

We have invested in fully automated technological lines and by combining modern technologies with traditional ones, we obtain products of constant quality, with unique taste and high nutritional value. Using as raw material flour ground in our own mill and ingredients whose quality is carefully monitored since he reception, bakery products are manufactured under strict quality control and food safety, throughout the production process, up to the customer.

We combine traditional recipes with modern technology to offer our customers the unmistakable taste of Pambac bread in an assorted variety that meets even the most demanding requirements.

We have a distribution network that covers the market of milling products and pasta from all over Romania. We work with 55 local distributors, partners who have the necessary logistics and the ability to take our products to the farthest corners of the country. We also deliver to major national and international retail networks, with which we have developed strong Pambac partnerships and private label projects.

We are proud that our products have crossed the borders of the country and are now in store chains in Italy, Spain, Germany, Croatia, UK, Netherlands, South Africa and we continue to expand, offering our external partners customized solutions based on the specifics of the markets.